travelling with kids

  • How to go on holidays with kids without packing a toy

    Are you sick of packing a suitcase full of toys for a quick holiday trip? Too nervous to try a trip without toys?

    Holidaying with kids and without the toys can be done. 

    Here are some easy practical play ideas to do on holidays with kids that won’t take up any room in your boot at all!

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  • How to go on Holidays with Kids, Without Having to Pack a Million Toys

    Are you amazed at how difficult travelling with kids can be, compared to your life pre-kids???

    If you are sick of your suitcase being full to the brim with toys on your holidays, then be sure to check out our guest post for Baby Berry Collective on how to holiday with kids without packing a toy. Really.

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Hi, I'm Alice...

Alice is the founder of Jack and Lu’s: a company created with a simple dream of bringing back real childhood; where the toys were simpler, the items were fewer and the imaginations were greater.

She is also a busy working Mum who survives on little more than caffeine and a good dose of humour...

It is her hope that her tips, tricks, ideas and products can help make every parent, guardian, grandparent’s and carer’s role just that little bit easier.