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  • Unique Gift Ideas for an Expectant or New Mum

    Have you got a friend that has just had a new bub and are lost for a unique gift idea for them? Particularly if they are a second time parent, the chances are that they are already stocked up on the essentials,  so why not stand out from the crowd with a unique, and super-practical, gift idea.  R... View Post
  • How to engage your children at home (for free) when you need to get stuff done!

    Do you feel like you are in a pressure cooker and constantly juggling the demands of motherhood, life and work? The reality is that sometimes we just need to get stuff done and have some headspace sometimes. 

    If you are looking for some tips to help engage children at home when you just need to get some stuff done, then read our full article

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Hi, I'm Alice...

Alice is the founder of Jack and Lu’s: a company created with a simple dream of bringing back real childhood; where the toys were simpler, the items were fewer and the imaginations were greater.

She is also a busy working Mum who survives on little more than caffeine and a good dose of humour...

It is her hope that her tips, tricks, ideas and products can help make every parent, guardian, grandparent’s and carer’s role just that little bit easier.