How to Host a TMNT Party on a Budget

Is your child a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fanatic???

Check out these cool, but simple ideas to decorate the party and provide a Party Favour bag on a budget.

DIY TMNT Party Ideas on a Budget

With a little preparation and this FREE download, it is super easy and cheap to create a party that your child just loves!

1. TMNT Balloons and Decorations

This is the easiest theme to ‘dress up’ some standard party decorations!

Simply get streamers in red, orange, blue and purple, a black marker and some green balloons and you have decorations sorted for the whole house!

TMNT Party Decorations TMNT Party Decorations Balloons

TMNT Balloons Party


2. TMNT Throw the Pizza Party Game

Such a simple game but this kept the kids entertained for a good 20 minutes. Grab a frisbee and glue on a picture of a pizza (click here for free downloadable).

Then, simply hold a competition to see which child can frisbee the pizza into the pizza box first.

TMNT Throw the Pizza Game

3. TMNT Party Bags including Ninja Dough and Sewer Slime

These party bags were an absolute hit! We simply jazzed up the green bags to look more TMNT like, attached the thankyou labels (available free here) and filled it with a range of goodies.

TMNT party favour bag

The favourite was the ‘Ninja Dough’ and ‘Sewer Slime’. To read more about how to create a party bag on a budget click here and get your free labels here.

4. TMNT Jelly

So simple, yet so cool. I got lazy and only did orange and red Ninja turtles, but you could create all 4 ninjas easily with the range of jelly that's available these days (yes, even blue!). And an added touch is to draw the eyes on with a black texta.

TMNT Jelly DIY Party

5. TMNT Pinata

Forget spending $30 on a piñata. Check out how to create an awesome TMNT piñata right here.

TMNT DIY Pinata 

6. TMNT Front Door Welcome Sign

Grab your free downloadable here.

TMNT Party Front Door Sign

7. TMNT Food Tent Cards

Complete the theme with Mikey’s pizza bites, Turtle Bursts, Donnie’s Healthy Bites or whatever else you can come up with. Free tent card downloadable is located here.

TMNT Sewer Lids Party FoodTMNT Party Food

8. TMNT Cups

Simply put a streamer around some green cups, mark on some eyes and you are done.

My son loved taking on the challenge of doing the eyes as 'his job'. 

TMNT DIY party cups

9. Pin the Mask on the Ninja Turtle

Such a classic with a TMNT twist. Grab your free downloadable masks and Ninja Face here.

And, if you have spare felt laying around the home, why not cut your own ninja masks for each of the kids!