Easy, Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

This time last year I promised myself that I wouldn’t leave Father’s Day to the last minute… And here I am again!

If you are like me and looking for some easy, last minute Father’s Day gifts that don’t cost the earth and make it look like you had the time to create a thoughtful gift (without really having the time to create a thoughtful gift), then checkout my top 6 ideas below!

Homemade BBQ Rub
  1. Homemade BBQ Spice Rub

You are likely to have all the ingredients that you need at home already. Use your favourite recipe or checkout the one that I used: a combination of ½ cup brown sugar, ½ cup paprika, 1 tbsp each of ground black pepper, sale, chilli powder, garlic powder, onion powder and 1 tsp of cayenne pepper.

Perfect in the leadup to the barbeque season in Australia. Be sure to download the free label here

Daddy's toolbox of indulgence

  1. Daddy’s Toolbox

If Daddy’s treats keep going ‘missing’, why not create his very own toolbox full of yummy goodness for Netflix nights. Grab your free toolbox printable here.


  1. Personalised Daddy Beers
Daddy Beers

Have a laugh at the classic parenting moments with a personalised set of Dad’s favourite beers. Download our free printable labels here, for a custom-created range of beers.




    1. Daddy’s Secret Stash

Daddy's secret stashBake a batch of Dad’s favourite biscuits / cookies (or buy them and we won’t tell anybody!). Free label printable is located here.




    1. Personalised Father’s Day Questionnaire
Fathers Day Questionnaire

Capture a moment in time with this Father’s day Questionnaire. Get your kids to answer questions all about Dad. This can end up beautifully, or hysterically, but either way it is a lovely keepsake for Dad, particularly when built up over several Father’s Days. Download the free printable copy here

  1. Desktop Pen Holder

Really struggling to get out of the house to get a gift? Involve your kids in a bit of Lego building, and create your own pen holder for Dad’s desk!

Desktop pen holder




So there you have it, 6 easy and cheap last minute gift ideas for Dad that you can create at home. Be sure to download our free printable here to get access to all the labels.