DIY - How to Make a TMNT Paper Mache Piñata

So you want to save yourself $30 and make your own super-awesome TMNT piñata??

The good news is that it is incredibly easy!

 DIY TMNT Paper Mache Pinata



1 x balloon

Torn Newspaper



Green Tissue paper (or green paint)

A strip of felt

Electricians tape


Paper Mache Supplies

Ok, this piñata is super simple. Honestly. The biggest trick is creating the cornflour glue. I looked at so many complicated recipes but actually, it turned out to be really easy.

1. Make Cornflour Glue

All you need to do is mix 1 part cornflour to 2-3 parts water in a saucepan over heat until the mixture thickens. Really just use your gut on this one. If you have too much cornflour than it will be too thick for you to ‘dip’ the paper in, so make sure it is a thick but gluey consistency.

Allow the cornflour glue to cool to a temperature that you can work with it with your bare hands.

Cornflour Glue 

2. Cover the balloon with Newspaper

I found it easiest to sit the balloon in a bowl and work from there.

Most instructions will tell you to dip the newspaper in the glue and then stick it on the balloon. I actually found it much easier to pick up some glue with my bare hands and cover the balloon in it and stick the newspaper on that way.

Whichever way works for you, be sure to make sure each piece of newspaper is ‘wet’ with glue and try to put the paper on in different directions to increase the strength.

Now, ultimately you want 3 layers of newspaper on your balloon and to cover up to the neck of the balloon (leaving an opening at the top).

You can either do this all in one go, or a layer at a time so that each layer dries quickly. I pretty much did mine all in one go and it took about 3-4 days to dry. Simply tie a string to the balloon and hang it wherever you can (I could have sped this up if I needed to by putting it over the heater).

Paper Mache Pinata

3. Final Layer

Now, once the newspaper is dry, I popped the balloon and put it on a toilet roll holder as it made it so much easier to complete the final layer.

If you love to paint, then knock yourself and paint the paper mache balloon green. But lucky me, I had green tissue paper which I preferred to use as the final layer… and I think it came up beautifully!

Paper Mache Pinata 

4. Make it ready to hang

All you need to do is grab some electricians tape and tape around the neck of the piñata to strengthen it up a bit. Then pop 2 holes in the side and hang it on string. Be sure to choose some string/rope that can hold the weight of the piñata + lollies

5. Decorate it

Grab a piece of felt and tie it around the piñata as a bandana, stick on some paper eyes and BAMMO. Piñata done!

TMNT Paper Mache DIY Pinata


Note: if you are like me, you will be questioning the strength of 3 layers of newspaper (+1 of tissue paper) with 5 year-old boys wacking it with a bat… will it last beyond the first hit? Will it be too easy for them to break?? We definitely found that this was incredibly strong (i.e. comparable with store bought piñatas) and, after everyone had had a round, we secretly cracked the side to quicken the journey… 

So now that you have your own homemade piñata, be sure to check out our other ideas for hosting a TMNT party here (including free downloadables).