• How to go on holidays with kids without packing a toy

    Are you sick of packing a suitcase full of toys for a quick holiday trip? Too nervous to try a trip without toys?

    Holidaying with kids and without the toys can be done. 

    Here are some easy practical play ideas to do on holidays with kids that won’t take up any room in your boot at all!

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  • How to Entertain your Energetic Pre-schooler around the Home

    Are the kids bouncing off the walls? Need some ideas to entertain them indoors when it is too hot, too cold or you just need to get some stuff done?!

    If you are looking for some energetic indoor play activities for toddlers and preschoolers without buying a thing then be sure to visit the article that I wrote for Kiddipedia.

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  • The Working Parent Juggle; Tips to occupy the kids at home when you really need to get things done

     Do you feel like you are constantly struggling with the work/life juggle? Constantly 'shushing' your kids whilst you are on the phone to a Client? 

    Looking for some tips and tricks to keep young kids engaged at home whilst working from home?

    In this age of global connectedness and flexibility, there is inevitably a point that you reach where you just need to get stuff done at home with the kids around. 

    Be sure to check out these hot tips for increasing your chance of a working from home success

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  • Ways to Help out the Grandparents who Help with Regular Childcare

    Are you lucky enough to have grandparents helping you out in the childcare juggle? Do they refuse payment and you are lost for ways to help them out?

    Be sure to check out the guest blog that we wrote for Kiddipedia: Ways to Help out the Grandparents who Help with Regular Childcare

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  • Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Children that Won't Break the Budget

    Are you struggling with the Christmas gift-giving overwhelm? Are you lost for gift ideas for the kids and shudder at the thought of ANOTHER toy? Sick of spending a lot of hard-earned money on toys that they only play with for 5 minutes?

    Whilst Christmas is a time of celebration, if we are honest with ourselves, it can also be an enormous financial and mental burden for parents.

    Here are some unique gift ideas that don’t cost the earth and can be purchased at the last minute without braving the department store rush (For those that cannot be purchase online, they can either be picked up from your local hardware store or supermarket)!

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Alice is the founder of Jack and Lu’s: a company created with a simple dream of bringing back real childhood; where the toys were simpler, the items were fewer and the imaginations were greater.

She is also a busy working Mum who survives on little more than caffeine and a good dose of humour...

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